What Happens During A Professional Dental Cleaning?
By Knutson Family Dentistry
October 10, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures
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What your dentists want you to know about professional dental cleanings

Regular brushing and flossing are a necessary part of good oral health, but sometimes it isn't enough to keep your teeth, supporting dental cleaningbone and gums healthy; you need professional teeth cleanings to ensure you maintain excellent oral health. If you haven’t visited the dentist in a long time, you may be wondering if dental cleanings are that important. Your dentists at Knutson Family Dentistry want to share their knowledge and expertise with you regarding dental cleanings.

The goal of professional dental cleanings is to promote oral health by removing soft deposits, known as plaque, and hard deposits, known as calculus. Dr. Matt or Dr. Richard will do a comprehensive dental examination including x-rays, and measurements of any bone or soft tissue loss around your teeth.

If you have gum inflammation, with no evident loss of bone or soft tissue, chances are good that you will just need a regular cleaning, usually performed every 6 months. Dr. Matt, Dr. Richard or one of the hygienists will perform scaling, a technique using hand instruments and ultrasonic devices to remove soft and hard deposits, both above and below the gumline. The final step is using a high-speed handpiece to polish your teeth and give you a sparkling, clean smile.

If you do have some soft tissue and bone loss around your teeth, Dr. Matt or Dr. Richard may recommend supportive periodontal therapy, also called root planing. This procedure is a bit more intensive and often requires more than one appointment. Root planing can be performed with or without local anesthetic, depending on your wishes.

During root planing, either the doctor or hygienist will use instruments, sometimes with longer blades, to reach deeper areas around your teeth. Ultrasonic technology is often used also to flush out infected areas. The roots of your teeth are cleaned of all deposits and the root surface is smoothed.

If you undergo supportive periodontal therapy, Dr. Matt and Dr. Richard will recommend maintenance appointments every 3 to 4 months to keep your teeth, supportive bone and gums healthy.

Don’t try to take care of your oral health by yourself. You need the help of experts in professional dental cleaning and periodontal therapy. For more information on dental cleanings and periodontal services, call your dentists at Knutson Family Dentistry. Protect your smile and call today!