How Your Cosmetic Dentist Can Help You
By Knutson Family Dentistry
January 22, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Cosmetics and dentistry--what do the two have in common? Well, your cosmetic dentist in Vermillion, SD helps you maintain your best cosmetic dentistrysmile in terms of health, function and appearance. From covering flaws and improving tooth color to re-aligning crooked teeth, the experts at Knutson Family Dentistry provide it all in a modern, friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Why not bring your aesthetic smile goals to Dr. Richard Knutson, Dr. Matthew Knutson and Dr. Troy Larsen and see how great your teeth can look?

Changing a smile

Even healthy teeth can look less than attractive. Spaces, stains, cracks and more mar personal appearance and of course, your self-confidence. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) says that your smile becomes you. In other words, the way your smile looks affects the image you project to the people around you. In fact, AACD research shows that people with outstanding smiles achieve more professionally and interpersonally.

What cosmetic dentistry does

Cosmetic dentistry at its best provides an individualized plan aimed at improving smile aesthetics. At Knutson Family Dentistry in Vermillion, the doctors and their dedicated team offer outstanding preventive and restorative care, knowing that healthy teeth and gums are the only foundation for an exceptional smile.

Once that healthy baseline is established, your dentist addresses what you perceive as your smile defects--be it color, excess gum tissue, ugly metal fillings, spacing issues and more. Then, you and he devise the steps toward achieving your aesthetic goals.

Smile makeovers can be simple. Perhaps you need a chip repaired or your teeth whitened. Or, with extensive defects, your cosmetic dentist can deliver the most intricate of smile makeovers, including tooth replacement and orthodontic correction. Rest assured that your needs have top priority at Knutson Family Dentistry.

Here are just some of the precise aesthetic services available for you at Knutson Family Dentistry:

  • CEREC same-day porcelain crowns, milled right in the office in about an hour
  • Professional teeth whitening for removal of stubborn stains
  • Porcelain veneers which disguise the frontside of teeth marred with chips and cracks
  • Restoration of dental implants, today's best tooth replacement option
  • Invisalign clear aligners for discreet orthodontic correction
  • Tooth-colored fillings which seamlessly repair decay
  • Lifelike dentures and fixed bridgework for extensive tooth replacement

Get your best smile

Avail yourself of the experience and artistic skill of the best cosmetic dentistry team in Vermillion, SD. Contact Knutson Family Dentistry for your personal consultation. You can love your smile and be proud to show it off. Call today: (605) 857-8008.