Don't Choose Just Any Cosmetic Dentist
By Knutson Family Dentistry
May 27, 2016
Category: Dentistry
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If you've been curious about a cosmetic dental procedure, you might find that you have quite a few dental practices to choose from. Narrowing down which dental office you visit can be overwhelming. You want a local dentist you can trust, one who keeps your best Cosmetic Dentistinterests, your goals and your budget in mind. Knutson Family Dentistry in Vermillion, SD has a well-deserved reputation for cosmetic dentistry excellence. We'd like to share with you why Dr. Richard Knutson and Dr. Matthew Knutson provide the best cosmetic dentistry treatments available today!

Continuing education

While both Dr. Richard Knutson and Dr. Matt Knutson graduated from accredited dental schools, neither believe that their education stopped when they were handed their diplomas. Both dentists continue to enrich their understanding of cosmetic dentistry through seminars and training sessions that take place throughout each year. As dental technology is constantly being improved upon, this ensures that your Vermillion dentists are both up to date on the latest procedures and practices, ensuring that each of their patients is receiving the best cosmetic dentistry treatment available!

Variety of options

Although the fundamentals are imperative, Dr. Richard and Dr. Matt haven't limited their Vermillion practice to general dentistry. They offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry options to keep their patients' smiles both healthy and beautiful. From teeth whitening to full sets of veneers, the dentists at Knutson Family Dentistry are committed to providing the best cosmetic dentistry services in Vermillion, SD.

Excellent staff

Since 1977, Dr. Richard Knutson and Dr. Matthew Knutson have relied on their support staff to keep their practice running smoothly. From reception to chairside assistants, our friendly staff has received the best possible training in the industry. Some of our staff members have been with us for several decades, bolstering Knutson Family Dentistry's reputation as the best cosmetic and general dentistry practice in Vermillion.

To see for yourself why Knutson Family Dentistry has the best cosmetic dentists in Vermillion, SD, contact us today to schedule a consultation!